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Get back to work as quickly as possible with accurate onsite testing and protective equipment.
We provide turnkey solutions that are certified, insured, and fairly priced.
Below are some of our key products.
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Antibody Testing
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Exposure & Antibody Testing
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Face Shields, Goggles, 
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Bodysuits, Gowns, 
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Thermometers, Sanitizers, 
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Sev7en Dimensions provides testing services for sports, education, medical/ dental practices, government agencies, religious institutions, etc., to ensure the health of the individual and the people he/ she encounters. We partner with these types of organizations to help them formalize their testing strategies and protocols. The first step is to put a plan, budget, and timeline in place, and then Sev7en Dimensions manages the process to ensure that testing is done easily, quickly, and efficiently. 
 Our services include: 
  • Program design & management
  • Venue selection
  • Telehealth/ Scheduling systems
  • Specimen collection
  • Online testing results
  • Billing & documentation

Sev7en Dimensions ensures that its tests are evaluated at high quality, local labs, which utilize equipment to minimize false positive and false negative results. Additionally, all testing components are as transparent as possible, while remaining HIPAA compliant. 
 Benefits include:
  • One point of contact
  • Project management
  • Experienced staff – for testing and in various sectors
  • HIPAA approved portal

Supplementary services include:
  • CV-19 prep questionnaire
  • Facility designs for social distancing
  • PPE supplies
  • Education & Training

Sports Leagues and Protocols

Sports Leagues and Protocols
Sports are a big part of the global culture. However, with COVID-19, athletes are often at risk because of their prolonged exposure to others during practice, promotional games, and competitions. Some sports, like tennis, are less risky than a sport like basketball.
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To prevent a surge in the number of COVID-19 infections, many schools, college athletics, and professional sports are kicking off their seasons with rigorous testing programs. This is the best way to protect the athletes, support staff, other teams in the league, fans, and families. The ideal scenario is to test athletes twice in the 48 hours before a game, because this is the earliest period when athletes can test positive. Athletes who test positive must be quarantined for 14 days, because this is the maximum incubation time of the virus. Of course, after quarantining, the players must also be in healthy conditions to resume practice and play.
Tests can be diagnostic to assess if there is an active, contagious virus, or tests can be for antibodies to diagnose if the athlete will be vulnerable to exposure. There are three common tests:

  • Antigen Test is a quick nose or throat swab test that will detect active infections in a few minutes. It helps screen people who need a more definitive test.

  • Diagnostic or PCR Test is a nose or throat swab that uses a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology to amplify the COVID-19 symptoms to diagnose people who are sick. The results take several days, so they will not identify people recently infected. There are also Rapid PCR Tests with results in 13 minutes, but the error rates are higher than the standard test.

  • Antibody Test is a pinprick, blood test that gives results in a few minutes. Antibodies arise after 4-7 days of infection, so they are not used to diagnose active infections.

Most schools, universities, and leagues are doing a combination of all three types of tests.


More Info TBA
Sev7en Dimensions helps Corporate America and Businesses in the Service Industries enhance employee performance through health and wellness solutions. Its launch in February 2020 coincides with the outbreak of COVID-19, because its founders wanted to provide credible vendors for medical supplies and COVID testing. All products are certified and the pricing is fair. Also, Sev7en Dimensions donates 10% of its net profits to non-profits that support First Responders. For more information on this program, please contact us.

Anthony Orantes, CEO

Anthony Orantes, CEO
Anthony’s first job was with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and over the past 20 years, he has worked with cutting-edge companies that have revolutionized segments of the global, capital markets. His strengths include creating & leading exceptional multi-disciplinary organizations, defining & implementing focused business strategies, implementing & managing smart-sourcing, global resource models, and maintaining successful business relationships. His primary business takeaway is that doing the right thing leads to better business, which is why he was inspired to start Sev7en Dimensions.

Cliff Goldman, CFO

Cliff Goldman, CFO
Cliff started his career in the Peace Corps, transitioned into financial services and, for over 40 years, he has been an executive in a wide variety of global organizations . His expertise is understanding highly-regulated markets and providing quality services that are timely, in demand, and compliant. Cliff utilizes his analytical skills to ensure that Sev7en Dimensions is as efficient as possible without sacrificing service to the customer. He also utilizes his communication skills to ensure that customers have clearly defined needs and that they get what they want, when they want it, with minimal risk.

Aruna Inalsingh, Head of Operations / Marketing

Aruna Inalsingh, Head of Operations / Marketing
For more than 20 years Aruna has worked with organizations to ensure they are effectively focused on their customers by building organizational infrastructure, cultures, offerings, and services that support current market needs and future market trends. Additionally, Aruna utilizes strategies which help new businesses establish traction, established organizations pivot into growth areas, and high growth companies create infrastructure and scalable processes. Aruna’s vision is to ensure that the customer experience is just as delightful as the product value, and that Sev7en Dimensions delivers on its promises of quality and fairness.

John Hodge, Sales Executive

John Hodge, Sales Executive
John has been in fitness and wellness for over 20 years. In addition to running fitness groups at multiple health clubs, John has started businesses that provide pre-and post-surgery conditioning for athletes, businessmen, stay at home mothers, and seniors. John is also an event producer, responsible for fundraising with organizations such as the NBA Wives Association and Dr Oz, which support under-served communities, children’s health, and the elderly. John’s vision is to promote fitness and wellness for every age group at every level of fitness, by preparing them to be mentally and physically strong with tools that help them healthily manage everyday stressors.

Anthony Joseph Santangelo, Sales Executive

Anthony Joseph Santangelo, Sales Executive
Anthony is a native New Yorker and son of immigrant parents, who came to the United States with the vision of providing a better life for themselves and their children. Faith, education, hard work and humility were constant throughout his upbringing. After 17 years at some of Wall Street’s largest institutions, Anthony learned the best practices for successful, global firms and decided it was time for a more meaningful challenge. Armed with extensive sales experience, a blue collar work ethic, and an unending willingness to help others, Anthony has positioned himself at Sev7en Dimensions to help organizations, corporations, and offices find high quality medical supplies at honest prices – starting with an immediate response to the needs from COVID-19 and growing into the infinite possibilities for health and wellness solutions.

Juwan Jackson , Sales Director, Sports Solutions

Juwan Jackson , Sales Director, Sports Solutions
A former all-conference athlete at Marist College, playing professionally in the Arena Football, recruiting football players in college sports, and coaching student-athletes. While playing football, Juwan learned the business of sports, and he also received a Bachelor’s in Communication and an MBA with a concentration in marketing. Juwan uses his education and experience to better the lives of athletes – from the professionals to the casual exercisers. Juwan is a member of American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the Black Coaches Association (BCA).
Why this is Important
Sev7en Dimensions offers a total experience that challenges the status quo. We help foster wellbeing strategies that create opportunities for individuals to excel in all aspects of their life, including  their workplace.

The Sev7en Dimensions' program most often begins with an on-site employee wellness event that  provides concierge-style health services including allergy testing, biometric-based wellness exams,  dermatology screenings, nutritional consultations, and other health-related services. 

This personalized attention is carried through to Sev7en Dimensions On-Demand, an interactive  portal that delivers 24/7 access to tools and services designed to help Sev7en Dimensions members  make sustainable, healthy choices. Sev7en Dimensions On-Demand benefits include immediate online access to motivational tools, healthcare providers, professional-grade supplements, alternative pain management solutions, reward-based programs and more.
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